The Bourne Recap 1/31/2010

After yet another week off, another surprisingly good game took place in Bourne this Sunday.

I say that I’m surprised because it had all the makings of a rout. The Red Team’s mainstay goalie, Bobby, was sick and his replacement, Tyler, had never played in net. The Not Red Team also had the better defense as well as the Bourne scoring leader, John.

Spoiler alert: the Not Red Team won.

But the amazing thing is, they only won by 5 goals! Major kudos to Tyler a first time goaltender that held up better that expected.

The Red Team also had a very good player who called himself Billy. It couldn’t have been Billy Driscoll, because this Billy had a moustache, showed up, and announced, “I’m playing defence.”

Jonathan once again was solid in net, allowing one goal early and holding that score until the last ten minutes or so, when fatigue set in and the Red Team was able to score three more. He also had the benefit of having a lot of the Red Team’s shots ringing off the posts.

While, I, myself had little impact in terms of scoring, It should be noted that the Not Red team faced the wrath of Aquaman as I turned the dive into an art form, breaking up some potentially dangerous plays.

But, once again, everyone had a good time. That’s what counts.


1) JOHN – John kept the pressure on, made plays, and scored. All at the same level expected…every week.

2) JONATHAN – Jonathan moves up a spot this week for, once again, winning another game for the Not Red team and holding the Red Team to a low score.

3) DAN – Dan plays his position better that probably anyone else out there (goalies excluded). But he could have had a double hat trick on Sunday! I give Jonathan the edge over Dan this week because Dan should have used his behind-the-net-wrap-around move.

4) MOUSTACHE BILLY – Last week, a wooly bear caterpillar crawled onto Billy’s lip and endowed him with powers.

5) MIKE N. – Mike, like Billy, faced the better defense and goalie and didn’t get that many scoring chances, but still made plays and gave the Red Team one of it’s best chance to win.


TYLER – With probably the best goaltender debut for someone without previous hockey experience, Tyler remarkably made some good saves and held a pretty good team to only 9 goals.