Saugus Street Hockey Recap

I just finished watching the tape of Sunday Night Hockey in Hockey Town, Saugus, MA.

Each of their games are played and won when a team reaches 5 goals. They play for about 2 hours and usually get in 3 games.

Tonight one of the stars of Saugus Street Hockey was relegated to cover the goalie position. John Riley is the leader of the pack and does a good job making sure goalies show up and there are enough players to have fun and play each week.

Tonight’s games went to the Dark team which was lead by Brett, Brendon and Nick. Most all of you know Brett, he is a alternate skater in Acton ice hockey, and models his mangled hand on the side, to draw attention to himself.

Brett scored about 7 goals tonight and assisted on 2 or 3 goals too. You would think he would go more easy on his brother Darrin, who was goalie for the dark team. Brett is like Jet Blue in ice hockey. He is so fast you can’t keep up to the guy.

As mentioned earlier, Brendon and Nick, and a lightening fast runner Mike, scored the other goals for the dark team.

The white team was anchored by a “tired of losing” guy named Ron. He scored his usual bunch of goals, but he was out of gas and a non factor most of the night. His teammates made some great individual scoring plays, but it wasn’t enough to get into the victory column.

Ron’s son, Ronnie, known as M-Ron… notched his first assist of the season tonight. It was a sweet feed to his dad who then found the back of the net with a quick wrist shot.

I’m happy to report that there were no controversial calls tonight. A relatively clean game that was fun to watch.