Here Comes the Professor

Hello to all the Hockey Blogger readers out there. Allow me to introduce myself. I am known to many as PPP. It is the acronym for Professor Peter Puck.

Ron has decided to focus his attention completely on the look and feel of this website. For instance, I understand that his latest creation, Hockey Player Cards, will be coming out with a new mind blowing theme. Stay tuned, it will be coming out in just 6 days.

A little more about my credentials.

Some of you Canadians may remember the hockey night in Canada intermission segment that featured Peter Puck. He was a cool little dude that always provided great pointers and tips to the young and upcoming hockey stars of the future.

I have studied the game of hockey for many, many years. I received honorary degrees at many a fine universities around North America. That’s how I became known as Professor Peter Puck. To my many fans, I’m known as TripleP or simply the Professor.

I have been long associated with the owner of this Blog, Mr. Ron is what I call him. Well he has asked me to write commentary of your games and point out who came to play, and who didn’t.

I will also be reaching out to my other associates to help me write weekly game reports and answer questions about how you guys are doing.