Manchester Recap 2/20/10

The WHITE team beat the DARK team 12 -7 (A low score for a 2 Hr. game)

The WHITE team led from the start by combining steady offensive pressure, and solid defense from both lines.
Doug (Whites goalie) faced a fair amount of shots, and came up with some outstanding saves on many of them. Doug has had a couple single digit games this year – Go Doug – Old players Rule. Now, if they can only get him to go to “Ross’s – Goalie Quick Dressing/Undressing seminar” they might get to see more of him during warm-ups and at Billy’s Sports Bar after the game.

The offense for the WHITE team was led by Tyrell who insisted on playing “up” this week, (though he played his usual dominating game at both ends) supported by forwards Fritz, and Jake (who gets better with each game due to his non-stop hustle every shift.)

The other WHITE line was the trio of Jesse, Gary, and Jeff. These guys were fun to watch, and made many of their goals happen with determined fore-checking and great passing. Defense on this line was anchored by Kenny and Hayden who were key to neutralizing the Dark offensive line led by Andy (never give up) Charuk, and Cal (bad back) Birch.

The Dark team worked hard (at times), especially Troy who always skates hard at both ends, and when the linemates all worked hard together, the puck found the back of the net. Though only getting close a couple times (within 2 goals) in the second half.

Over all it was a fun game to watch. No major injuries, no fights, no arrests. A good night for Manchester Hockey. I look forward to the next game.

Other Players worthy of comment:

Tom M.- Even though usually a Forward is a Great Defenseman, even when he’s not trying he makes great plays, and what a wrist-shot, I wish I had that weapon when I was playing.

Jimmy – As good a Defenseman as he is a Forward – Oh, to be young again.

Luke – Old, but plays with a lot of heart. If one of his Forwards passed more often they might have won.

Jeremy – PASS

Chad – A better Defenseman than a Forward. Keep working at it and you could be as good as I was. Good defenseman are hard to find because everybody wants to score goals. Goals are for chumps, but shutting down a scoring drive is where it’s at!

Hayden – As solid a defenseman as Manchester can find. Even if a player manages to get by him he still breaks up plays with that reach, and he plays the point the way you should. If I was building a team this Kid would be a top pick. He gets better with every game.

Kenny – Another defenseman I would put on the “Brad Puck” team. Year after Year, Game after Game this guy makes more plays sitting, kneeling or laying on the ice than most can on their feet.

Ross – What a goalie! – Fastest catching glove I’ve ever seen – This kid stopped what seemed like 100 shots, and win or lose is always positive, appreciative and humble.

Gary – A rare appearance as a Forward, but whether playing “up” or “back” this old man has the smarts and skills to be good at both.

That’s the way I saw it.

Next game: March 6, 2010 9:15pm

See you then,

Brad P Puck