Friday Night Hockey 2/5/2010

Game ON with a start time of 8:50.


Game Preview

Professor Peter Puck
Hockey Blogger Staff / February 5, 2010 8:59AM

Acton, MA – Tonight’s matchup has all the makings of another great clash. It will feature two familiar goalies going head to head. Both will be driven to duplicate the feat of feats that Anthony accomplished on January 29, 2010, when the only recorded shutout was witnessed in FNHL history. Mark Neal will be defending the Steel Head’s goal while Dave Kimple will be between the pipes for the Steel Hounds

The game will also feature some fast paced hockey throughout the entire night. With two full lines aside, there will be fresh legs with each and every shift. In addition, the pace of the game gets a rocket boost from the one and only Jet Blue, Eric Fiore.

The Steel Heads are once again ready for a hardened battle, with the likes of all star centermen Ron Leger leading the attack. Ron brings a controlled offensive game that is always worth the price of admission. While Ron and Eric are indeed forces to be reckoned with, they are only 2 pieces of a deep and talented bunch.

Sue Profenna has been a great addition to the Steel Heads since her arrival about 5 weeks ago. She has played an integral role in the offense, continuously being in position to contribute to the scoring. Sue always hustles for the puck and isn’t afraid to take, and give, the bumping in the corners. The grid and toughness she brings are must haves to play in the FNHL, as on several occasions she was put to the test.

Welcomed alternates Tom Marino and Jared Meadows are playing for the second consecutive week and look to continue to have an impact week on the stat sheet. There will be some defensive changes tonight, as Jack, Kenny and Brett will need to adjust their style of play with the yet to be named 4th defensemen.

On the other side, the Steel Hounds are no doubt looking to go wild this week. After the 3 game win streak, they dropped the last two in convincing fashion. Certainly on paper they have the team to do it with Gene, Steve, Dan and the likes of Paul, Devin & Mark mixed in, they can be a formidable foe for any team.

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Game Rosters

logoDark Team logoWhite Team
Ron L Gene N
Brett D Ray B
Jared M Chad C
Tom M Mark K
Jack B Jeff M
Ken A Paul C
Eric F Devin K
John P Joe C
Sue P Steve C
Dave Bean Dan
(G) Mark N (G) Dave K


Game Stats


Obs Name Team Goal Assist Points
1 Steve C White 6 0 6
2 Dan H White 3 3 5
3 Gene N White 1 3 4
4 Ron L Dark 2 2 4
5 Eric F Dark 4 0 4
6 Jared M Dark 1 2 3
7 Tom M Dark 2 1 3
8 Paul C White 2 0 2
9 Chad C White 1 1 2
10 Ray B White 1 1 2
11 Sue P Dark 1 1 2
12 Dave B Dark 1 1 2
13 Mark K White 0 1 1
14 Devin K White 1 0 1
15 Brett D Dark 0 1 1
16 Ken A Dark 0 1 1
17 Jeff White      
18 Jack Dark      
19 John Dark      
20 Joe White      
 Obs Name   Goalie GA SA Sv%
1 Dave K White 11    
2 Mark N Dark 15    


Game Summary


Acton, MA – The highly anticipated game ended up tipping back in the Steel Hounds favor. Final score was 15-11. The official scorer made a decision to remove Eric’s 5th goal because if a kick in with the skate.

The game lived up the the fast paced pregame analysis. There was some fast transitions up ice on both ends. However, it was the Steel Hounds that held the advantage throughout the night. Both lines produced well for an all around balanced attack.

Steve and Gene came to play tonight as evidenced by the stat sheet. They torched the Dark team with great plays to keep ahead on the score board. The 2nd line was anchored by Dan H and company. Dan showed off his power, skill and speed on a number offensive rushes. Dan was instrumental getting his teammates involved in the scoring. Chad C and Paul C played well with Dan all evening. Mark, Devin and Ray also came through to contribute to the win.

The Steel Heads worked hard with their own counter attack, keeping within striking distance for most of the game. There was some discontent on the bench however, with what was seen as alot of hacks and whacks from a few of the usual suspects.

Eric lead the team in scoring with 4 goals, while Ron and Tom notched 2 goals apiece. Steel Head forward Jared M came through with 1 goal and 2 assists. Sue got bull dozed again tonight, but quickly shook it off and ended up with a goal and an assist on the night. New comer Dave Bean also had a couple points for the Steel Heads. Brett and Kenny contributed from their D positions, each with an assist on the night.

Goalkeeping was solid on both sides, but the edge leans over to Dave K. He made some fantastic glove saves. Snapping 2 or 3 sure fire goals from Eric with his fast acting trapper. Mark N also made some nice stops, however, there were a couple pucks that got loose and the hounds fed on them.

Another week in the books. Looking ahead to next week, we have at least 3 players who are going to be out.