Friday Night Recap

Dark Teams wins 17-6

It took a month, but the Dark team took the game in dominating fashion on Friday night. Just the notion of losing 4 games in a row was keeping players on the Dark team a little edgy as game time approached.

There is no doubt that the white team was short handed with the absence of some of their main cogs of the team gears. Steve, Julian and Scott were all no shows last night. One the other side, the Dark team was anchored by the power shot of the one named Billy Driscoll.

Rumor has it that although Ron was pleased and happy for the team victory, he was feeling supplanted by the younger and more dazzling play of Billy Boy. Ron was heard muttering to himself after the 3rd Billy rocket shot goal that his stick might must be corked or something.

The dark team also had some big contributions from some familiar faces in FNHL. Johnny P lead the charge early, with the first two goals and assisting on the teams third goal. His side kick, Jesse, wasn’t going to be left out of the stat sheet, as he also banged home 2 goals and 2 assists.

The D for Dark team played stellar all night long. The “move out of the way” when Jack has the puck, scored a couple goals as well as assisted on two others. Brett Driscoll was back again, continuing to get his ice skating legs up to par with his puck handling skills. He rushed the puck up the ice a couple times, leading the charge into the offensive zone of the white team. Brett notched 2 assists on the night, one of them was a picture perfect pass to Billy for a nice goal.

High speed camera actually caught that pass and then transposed it to Brett’s Player Card.

The Dark team featured another dominator. The ice man, Dave Kimple in goal. Dave comes out to break down the angles beautifully. He also follows the puck terrifically, redirecting it to the corners. Another element of Dave’s game is his ability to play the pucks that are dumped in. He has a great wrist shot and passes it to the open guy.

Now what to say about the white team? We’ll they stayed with it and didn’t give up, that’s for sure. Paul, Devin, Mark and company continued to skate all night long.

Gene N decided to play defense most of the night along with Ray, Dave and Jeff.

A sweet spot for the white team to build upon was a nice play by Bourquie on the corner. He fed Gene in front with a nice, fast, clean pass that Geno redirected to find the back of the Net.

With Mark N away enjoying the warm sun of the sunshine state, Anthony F stepped into his place. The score didn’t show it, but Anthony played well. He battled to cover loose pucks, snapped others up, bound for the back of the net. He shut down other great scoring chances on a number of different plays. Don’t know how many shots he faced, but it was alot.

So what will next week bring? Stay tuned and do your part! Post a comment about what you think is worth blogging about.