Friday Night Hockey 2/12/10

Not to long ago we would of canceled the game with the following people OUT- Jack, Jesse, Johnny, Kenny, Paul, Steve, Julian and Dan.

With the advent of this spectacular website, interest is high and an actual waiting list might not be too far off.


Game Preview

The teams are now set. It was the obvious choice when the last couple players opted in before the door was slammed shut.

Its going to be the Braintree area players and Manchester crew against the Acton Hockey regulars.

The story lines are many, but in the end it may come down to how wants it more.


Game Rosters

logoDark Team logoWhite Team
Eric F Gene N
Billy D Ron L
Brett D Devin K
Dave Bean Sue P
Pat N Mark K
Chad H Ray B
Tyrell B Dave J
Troy B Jeff M
James O Chad C
Andy C TJ Dixon
(G) Dave K (G) Mark N


Game Stats

Obs Player Team POS G A PTS
1 Ron L White C 4 3 7
2 Billy D Dark LW 2 3 5
3 Eric F Dark C 4 0 4
4 Brett D Dark D 1 3 4
5 Andy C Dark LW 3 1 4
6 Dave Bean Dark LW 1 2 3
7 Tom M White RW 2 1 3
8 Pat N Dark RW 1 1 2
9 Troy B Dark C 1 1 2
10 Gene N White C 1 1 2
11 TJ Dixon White RW 2 0 2
12 Sue P White LW 0 2 2
13 Mark K White D 2 0 2
14 Chad H Dark LW 1 0 1
15 Tyrell B Dark D 0 1 1
16 Chad C White LW 0 1 1
17 James O Dark RW 0 0 0
18 Ray B White D 0 0 0
19 Dave J White D 0 0 0
20 Jeff M White D 0 0 0
Obs Player Team Pos SA GA Sv%
1 Dave K Dark G 80 11 86.30%
2 Mark N White G 83 14 83.10%


Game Summary

Acton, MA

By Hockey Blogger Staff Reporter Professor Peter Puck

On Friday night, the stage was set and it delivered a fun packed 2 hour marathon hockey game. The Zamboni guys reportedly said the other rink was on from 10:30-12:00, so Rink we could of played until 11:45.

As it was, the game was called after 2 full hours of play. The victory was won by the visiting team with a final score 14-11.

The combination of the southern and northern lines worked out well. Their grit, determination and hustle payed off as they took the early lead and never relinquished it all night long.

The Hounds fought valiantly, but just couldn’t find that chemistry needed to produce the type of game they expected. Gene was trying combination’s of new Steel Hounds Ron, TJ, Sue & Tom but they just didn’t have enough playing time to find the winning formula.

One the other side, it was expected that Billy and Eric would be flying around scoring goals and they didn’t disappoint. The 2 unsung players, Dave Bean and Pat N both played a key role in the victory

The northern 10 tribe, I mean northern players, were connecting together like they were right at home. That line was lead by Andy’s hat trick, with Troy, Chad, and Tyrell all chipping in as well. James was solid on D.

The Defense played solid on both sides. There were some great stops that definitely saved goals. Brett was the Defensive standout with a 4 points on the night. On the White team, Mark K had 2 clutch goals to keep the Hounds in striking distance.

However, there was some unnecessary roughness that needs to be dealt with, so it doesn’t get out of control in future games. This will be handled outside this forum.

So the question is now this… will there be a rematch? The Acton Hockey crew wants one, but it should be noted that this was an unusual night, where 5 Acton regulars were out. Some said, 15 per side is okay, but this was shot down by someone with power.