Acton Ice Hockey 3/19/10

Game ON. Puck drops at the usual 8:50 start time

Game Preview

Friday night’s game will have two notable absences. Eric and Scott are out this week.

Game Rosters

Logo  Red Team logoWhite Team
Dave B Gene N
Jesse G Steve C
John P TJ D
Brett D open
Sue P Chad C
Tyrell B Ron L
Troy B Dave J
James O Jack B
Jared M Jeff M
Mark K Paul C
(G) Dave K (G) Anthony F

Game Summary Report


A Special Report from the unknown comic… I mean Author: Wherewasyous

A handful of no shows certainly impacted pace of the game however, considering who was missing the game was played at a pretty decent clip, a late start as everyone was trying to figure out where some people were. Overall some good passing from the dark team appeared to be the difference although I don’t know of any official stats that were kept.

There were some nice takedowns throughout the night but nothing over the top and both teams were pretty well behaved.

Goaltending throughout the night was pretty good with some flashy glove work at both ends. A fairly quick buzzer along with the late start probably impacted the final outcome a little bit but I did not hear an official score anyway.