Dear Friday Night Hockey Players:

Below are some upcoming changes. A summary of the changes is provided below for those too lazy to read the entire message (you know who you are).

Summary of changes:

  • The cost of hockey is increasing from $15 to $17 per skater starting the first week in November.
  • Advanced payment will be required starting in November via PayPal. No exceptions. You have 2 months to sign up if you don’t currently have this service and it’s free.
  • The games are first-come, first-serve. If hockey is not full by Wednesday, the game will be opened up to newer players on the reserve list. 
  • Purposeful acts of violence (intent to injure) will result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension.

As many of you know, we cancelled our ice time quite a bit this past year. When we did play, we often had less than 16 players.

Over the past 10+ years, the cost per person has been $15 despite the ice rental rate increasing each year. When we cancel ice time repeatedly, it also hurts our ability to negotiate lower pricing. At the current ice rental rate, we need 18 skaters just to break even. Because of this, the cost of hockey will increase starting the first game in November from $15 to $17.

To help make payment easier moving forward, I will be using PayPal to collect the money in advance. I realize there are still some people who do not have PayPal so cash will continue to be accepted until the last week in October. This gives everyone ample opportunity to step out of the Stone Age and set-up a free PayPal account which takes only a few minutes. After this date, everyone will be expected to reserve their spot by using PayPal.

Starting the first week in November, cancellations on the day of the game (Friday) or no-shows may result in forfeiture of the money paid. In other words, if you cancel on the Friday of the game or don’t show up, I cannot guarantee your money back as it will depend on if we have enough to cover the ice rental for that night.

As for reserving your spot, everyone who have been playing in Acton for at least a year will be on the primary text list. You have until Wednesday to commit and pay before the game is opened up to those on the reserve list (irregular or new players). Once 20 are reserved, the game is full. On very rare occasions we will play with 22.

Lastly, any deliberate attack on another player with intent to injure (throwing punches, hits to the head, etc.) will result in a warning and/or being asked to leave for the night. Repeat offenders will be suspended for a length of time based on the severity of the act. Obviously hockey is a physical game; mistakes happen and some people have certain “pacts” for checking each other. Those are still fine and we want it to remain physical but need to remove retaliatory and blatant acts of violence from our games.

These changes appear strict but are designed to ensure fairness for all who play and to make Friday night hockey sustainable moving forward.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly.




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