Ice Hockey Oct 21

We are a Go…

Wow… early roster is looking mighty interesting

Game Rosters

logoDark Team logoWhite Team
Ron Gene
Eric Steve C
John R Sue
Ray Scott ?
Rob S Julian
Dan G Mark K ?
Brett Ken
Jack Dan H
  Derek ?
(G) Anthony (G) Dave


5 thoughts to “Ice Hockey Oct 21”

  1. I apologize to Team White and knowing that it was going to be a great skate like that irritated me to no end to be that late….

    That said the short skate for me certainly did not prevent Dave from robbing me blind 3 times…

    I also thought Sue lacked some intensity….

  2. Correction. Jack is at the BLUELINE, behind the non-existing defense. I speak as the #1 offender. The Dark team provided high entertainment value with a balance of passes and one-timers. Eric, away for months, didn’t miss a stride, setting up teamates and stickhandling, all at light speed. While Jack showed a little rust it was (somewhat!) good to see him on the ice. Ron showed a renewed interest in power skating and forechecking in the offensive zone. In lieu of a scoring touch, Mr. Solon took out the net, and Anthony on one of his bullrushes. The Patriots linemen are jealous!

    From the stands it was an even strength power play. ‘Twas was a good night to play for the Dark Side.

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