Ice Hockey 10/28

UPDATE: Numbers are looking good. We’re going to be a go


Oh Oh both goalies are out this week. That’s not a good start
I have a call to Anthony for 1 spot, will try NH guys, Tyrell or Ross for the other

Game Rosters

logoDark Team logoWhite Team
Ron Gene
Eric Julian
John R Sue
Rob S Steve
Brett Ray
Billy K Derek John P
Billy D Ken
John P Sean
Jack Scott ? Nathan
Jim Ross Friend ? Jesse
(G) Anthony (G) Ross… Mr Butterfly


10 thoughts to “Ice Hockey 10/28”

  1. Mark N is back this week. Dave is a maybe/out.

    This is the 1st Friday of the month so Anthony isn’t going to be available.

    Once I get a definitive answer from Dave, I’ll ping Ross and/or Tyrell to fill in if Dave is out.

  2. Hahaha…. I did take note of the fact that we had Scott, but he was a maybe… Which we all know with him usually means out, as it did Friday!

    But I will say I had never seen our goalie play before and I was very impressed…

  3. You guys make me… If the original roster panned out it would have been a diFferent story. Jesse and Jack didn’t show, and originally they were both on the dark side! Johnny coming over to our side definitely helped. So Ron, the only thing I learned is if your original teams played it would have been another frustrating night for team white!
    But thankfully it was wicked fun instead

  4. Hope everyone is OK with the power situation.

    Yes Ron, Sue’s negative attitude is quite abrasive. You should hear her on the bench.

    Great skate again, thanks to both goalies for filling in and doing a great job!! A lot of nice passing and back checking helped out team White, great D by Ray and Ken helped and then Jon P and Steve filling in back there.

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