Ice Hockey 10/14

Games is a Go. I’ll be back next week. Have fun

Let’s see how we do for this week

Game Rosters

logoDark Team logoWhite Team
TJ Gene
Dan H Julian
Billy K Sue
Jack ? Mark K
Derek Dave J
Ray Sean
Dan G Ken
Rob S Steve C
(G) Dave (G) Mark


5 thoughts to “Ice Hockey 10/14”

  1. It was a good skate, white team lacked offensive touch but the ‘D’ and goaltending were quite good. Dave I would say you had your best game in like seven months…

    I, too, am glad no one died, my shoulder is feeling fine, looks pretty cool I might add, also did anyone find the other half of the puck??

  2. Was a good game last week. Having trouble getting my game legs back…sorry to the white team. The game had good pace and the goalies did their share in keeping a low scoring affair. Gene took one for the team. Hopefully he’s healing well. That stray shot hurt to watch, but glad nobody died 🙂

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