Hockey Friday 6/6

Game On Starts at 9:00

Nothing beats June hockey…Let’s try to start strong… Who is IN and who is OUT…
In: Gene, Julian, Johnny P, Bill, Sue, Ken, Dan G, Nate P, TJ, Rob S., Ron, Victor, Tyrell, Troy, Brian, Jake, Derek, Sean, Vlad, Nicholi, Dave (G), Anthony (G)
Out: Nate, Jesse

Game Rosters

logoTeam Dark logoTeam White
 Dave K. (G)  Anthony (G)
 Ron  Gene
 Bill  Hoolian
 Johnny P.  Sean
 Brian  Vlad
 Troy  Nicholi
 Tyrell  Victor
 Jake  Derek
 Sue  Ken
 Dan G. Brett  Rob S. Dan G
 TJ  Nate


16 thoughts to “Hockey Friday 6/6”

  1. Brett, It’s all about intent. Good/Bad, In/Out. What if there is no hockey and I show up anyway? I am going to have to defer to the Commissioner on this one. Now if I know there is no hockey and submit IN, then that is a horse of a different color, like California Chrome.

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