Hockey @ Acton 9PM Friday 6/20

Numbers are low but…

Game ON! Starts at 9PM in Acton.

Hopefully we have a quieter skate this week…LOL…and hopefully we not skating over speed bumps all night…but most importantly, hopefully we are playing… Who is IN and who is OUT…
In: Gene, Julian, Jason, Andre, Mark T, Nate L, Dave K (G), TJ, Bill L, Sue, Victor, Mike M, Anthony (G), Brent, Ken, Mark K, Nate P, Vladimir, Derek.
Out: Ron, Johnny P, Jesse, Rob S, Tyrell B, Dave B, Sean H, Andy L, Ray.

Game Rosters


Team Dark


Team White

 Gene  Julian
 TJ  Vladimir
 Nate L  Derek
 Sue  Ken
 Victor  Mike M
 Jason  Mark T
 Mark K  Andre
   Nate P
 Dave K (G)  Anthony (G)


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