Hockey Friday 3/23

Jared M is coming, and maybe Brian (Brett’s friend)

Hockey is a Go

Update: the site is now hosted in a different server

Alright, so Sue wasn’t the only one having trouble access the site. I’m moving the site to a different server.

Sue can’t get on the site… anybody else having trouble?

New format to try going forward. Geno and I will be co-GM’s and will go over the coaches lineup before the game begins to make any final tweaks for no shows and/or additions

So one coach each week will set the teams to their liking, doing their best to balance out the teams.

The whole point of this is to mix it up a bit while keeping it fresh and still a whole lotta fun. Since most of us are gentlemen (jk), it will be lady’s first (no jk)… so Sue please be the first honorary coach and set the teams by Friday morning/early afternoon

What do you guys think about letting Vladimir and Nikolai Nicholi play again when we have open slots?

Players IN/Maybe

Sue Gene Ron Dave J Brett
Ken Bill L Jack John P Vladimir
Nicholi Jesse John R Julian Billy K
(G) Dave (G) Anthony

The following players are out: TJ, Rob S, Mark K, Steve

Game Rosters

logoTeam Dark logoTeam White
Sue Julian
Ron Jesse
Gene John P
Jack Bill L
Ken John R
Brett Nicholi
Vladamir Dave J
  Billy K
(G) Anthony (G) Dave


30 thoughts to “Hockey Friday 3/23”

  1. BTW who’s voting no on stats? who doesn’t want to see in numbers how much better ron and Eric are than everyone else? dont you want to know how you stack up against the competition? who’s a sniper? who’s the setup man? who you work good with? stats create so many levels of discussion and can lead to better teams being picked which also leads to better games and more fun.

  2. Steve’s out again, dang it…let’s go Dennuch…I would assume there isn’t a specific date yet Johnny, but based on Ron’s comment at least a couple months away, shouldn’t interfere with Possum Season…

  3. OK you clowns. . .I was asking for the specific DATE, not the SEASON summer hours begin. Ron, Gene & Brett-if you guys are going to appear at the COMEDY STOP, please let me know I would like to attend. nyuknyuknyuk

  4. I’m in too, and I guess this being a girl thing is working out for me. I get to pick teams again, … All right .

    Also just a side note Mark K will be out for a while since he broke his arm playing with us on Sunday. 🙁

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