Hockey 3/16

Hockey is ON

Looking good, it’s Thursday and we are a definite GO for tomorrow.

Under no circumstances can there be a cancel for the 3rd week in a row. Now that my daughter is married off, it’s nothing but hockey and more hockey!

Game Rosters

logoTeam Dark logoTeam White
Ron Gene
John R Dave J Billy K
John P Julian
Bill L Sue
Brian Mark K
Brett Sean
Jesse Dan G
Jack ? Ken
(G) Anthony (G) Dave


17 thoughts to “Hockey 3/16”

  1. And that is why the notation, ‘no goalies though… ohh ohhh…” was there… perhaps you should read more closely Johnny or perhaps you did but it was simply too much information packed in for you to comprehend….

  2. I’d say a good turnout with no goalies is not a good turnout. Maybe I should have taken that logic course at Chelmsford High with you. Are you planning on getting your GED anytime soon? Red Berenson called, he wants your UM sweater back.

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