Acton Ice Hockey 9/11/2010

GAME On… New Time is 8:50

Game Rosters

logoDark Team logoWhite Team
Ron L Gene N
Jack B Steve C
Paul C Ray B
John R Dave J
John P Sue P
Chad C Ken A
Mark K ?  
(G) Dave K (G) Mark N


3 thoughts to “Acton Ice Hockey 9/11/2010”

  1. Ahhh, now that I have two seconds to breathe. First of all Ron, disregard what I said about doing stuff w/ the site. I just started a nursing program this week and after seeing how intense it’s going to be I won’t have time for much of anything.
    About the game Friday. That was some fun hockey. I heard some speculating that Scott would be a little rusty since he hadn’t played in months. No rust was detected though, the guy’s an animal! I want just 1/4 of the strength of his shot..just 1/4, is that too much to ask?
    Both goalies had a great game w/ each of them robbing people glove side, which always looks impressive. I thought the White team played as a unit. There was great passing and play making. We all just seemed to be on the same page I thought. I was also glad to have burried a perfect feed that Gene gave me in front. When I don’t I never hear the end of it. “You gotta bury that Sue.” “Do you not like my passes.” ” You play like a girl.” And so on and so forth. 🙂 Scott as I mentioned, in animal like fassion scored several goals. But also fed Seth and Gene for some too. I felt like as much as we worked as a team though, Ron would come down and in 2 seconds undue what we just worked so hard to get. Stinkin Ron. There was one play too where Steve came down and everyone seemed to just back off of him. Was he off sides he thought..nope, so he let her rip and placed it perfectly up high.
    It was fast paced, the teams evenly matched, and back and forth all night. Not as chippy as it has been the past few games which was nice. Except for Paul dumping me in front of my net, which I can expect about every other game. Anyway fun game and hopefully I can continue to play all semester!

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