Acton Hockey Friday 9/24

Season opening game starts at 8:50

Game Rosters

logoDark Team logoWhite Team
Ron Gene
Steve C TJ
John P Devin
Sue Ken
Brett Steve P
Chris Chad C
John R Ray
Paul Mark K
Billy Joel N
Eric Julian
(G) Dave K (G) Mark N


8 thoughts to “Acton Hockey Friday 9/24”

  1. Pretty good skate for first official game of the season. Definitely some good chemistry on the dark team and nice finishing touches by Steve, Billy, John P and Ron.

    As for team white some decent passes, Chad showed obvious toughness getting stitched up and coming back out and Devin picking corners all night.

    And John P, I apologize, I was wrong on the offside rule call you were not offside….learn something new everyday….

  2. I love picking teams, but you don’t generally go with my suggestions. I”l try again: I’m thinking Gene,TJ,Devin, Paul C, Steve P,Chad C, Ben A, and Mark K on White. Then Ron, Steve C, John P, myself, Ray, Chris, John R, Ken A, and Jack if he plays on Dark. So?

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