Acton Hockey 9/17

This week will be the final tuneup game before we start the 2010 Season of Stats.

This year we are going to ask each team to track their own goals and assists.

We’re good to go for tonight. Remember it an 8:50 start from now on…

Game Rosters

logoDark Team logoWhite Team
Ron L Gene N
Chad C Julian A
Paul C Ray B
John R Dave J
John P Sue P
Dave B Ken A
Mark K Joel N
Mark K friend Devin K
Jesse G Carl N
Dave L  
(G) Mark N (G) Anthony F


4 thoughts to “Acton Hockey 9/17”

  1. All,

    I have two tix for Saturday’s Bruins pre-season game I can’t use (One Day in Natick…..). Free to any anyone who can use them let me know and I’ll bring them Friday night for you.

    Section 313 right on the goal line where Bruins shoot twice.


  2. Yay stats! Somehow my bigger number games never get recorded… oh well. Not sure why I’m still so sore today….oh yeah my own teammate cranked me Friday! 🙂 Oh yeah and I got my keys locked in the rink in Burrillville last night, and Vinny and I were the last ones out. Our cell phones were both locked in the car too so we couldn’t call anyone for help. So after a good hour and a half skate we had to hike it a couple of miles to ultimately get the keys to the rink. Yikes. Could have been worse though. Could’ve been winter and freezing cold…I could’ve been alone walking the dark streets of Burrillville at near midnight! Ahh well needless to say I’m wiped!

  3. Decent game played Friday. The white team came together to pull out the 14-9 win after starting out behind 6-3.

    Mark N gave the dark team everything he had and then some. Gotta give the white team credit for working as a team and eventually taking control for the well deserved win.

    Preseason is over now. It starts for real this Friday.

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