Acton Hockey 10/1/10

Looking like it will be an interesting game.

Game Rosters

logoDark Team logoWhite Team
Ron ? Gene ?
Paul Steve C
Tyrell Julian
Andy Sean
Hayden Chad C
Sue Steve P
John R Ray
Jack B Ken A
?John P ? Dave J
? TJ D ? ? Billy D ?Scott
(G) Mark N (G) Dave K


10 thoughts to “Acton Hockey 10/1/10”

  1. The dark team was too much for us last night, despite having Scottie in the lineup and Steve scoring like a machine. Had Gene been there, I’m sure the outcome would have been different. MAN am I sore today! The up and down last night was brutal.

  2. I hope things are okay, relatively speaking with your son. We missed you tonight… and your team missed you more as a player.

    The Dominant team, I mean dark team, came out on top by a score of 13-11. It was a good game all around. Both goalies held their own.

    I completely forgot to print out the blank stat sheets tonight, so no stats.

    Had you been there Gene, the out come would have been different, I’m sure of that…

    But none the less the dominators are on a 2 week winning streak.

  3. Hi Ron,

    Looks like a good game that I will not be able to attend, Jarod has been having a lot of seizure activity this week and is not feeling well. Things would have to get a lot better for me to go but I don’t think I will make it.


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