Acton Hockey 26JAN15

Game ON! Starts at 9PM in Acton.

19 IN: Julian, Anthony (G), Gene, Dan G, Nathan L, Ken, Dave K (G), Sue, Rob S, Mark K, Johnny P, Ron, Jack, Zac, Collin, Jason, John R, Steve G, Brett, Jeff M, Mark T, Andy L, Devin.
OUT: Bill L, Jesse, TJ, Tyrell, Sean H, Nate P, Nate G, Brent, Mike M, Jake, John R, Vlad, Nicholi, Brett.

Game Rosters

Team Dark Team White
 Ron  Gene
 Johnny P  Julian
 Jack  Dan G
 Nate L  Collin
 Mark K  Ken
 Sue  Rob S
 Mark T  Jason
 Jeff M  Zac
 Andy L  Steve G
 Dave (G)  Anthony (G)


Effective this week, here is how hockey sign up works:

Who gets priority?

Priority Level


When the text will be sent

When you can reserve a spot


5+ years in Acton & plays at least 1 game every 4 weeks Tue afternoon You can exclusively reserve a spot up until 4PM Wed


Everyone else Wed afternoon Starting 4PM Wed

How the site takes precedence over texting for reserving a spot and why.

Commenting on the site is preferred over text but either is acceptable. Those who commit to playing by commenting on the site will receive the next available spot according to their priority level and comment order. This means that the comments on the site will be checked first and then the text responses.

What about those who cancel or don’t show up? And the ‘regulars’ who play inconsistently?

For Level 1*
For Level 2*
No-Show Pay for missed game &
Drop to level 2 for 1 month
Pay for missed game &
Last priority for 1 month
Cancellation on Fri after 12PM Drop to level 2 for 1 month Last priority for 1 month
4 consecutive weeks of absence Drop to level 2 for 1 month upon returning Nothing

*Enforcement dependent on situation.