Acton Hockey 02Jan2015

Game ON! Full house. Starts at 9PM in Acton.

Anyone else still interested in playing will be on standby.

20 IN: Julian, John R, Dan G, Gene, Jason, Mark T, Ken, Rob S, Max, Sean, Tyrell, Mark K, Anthony (G), Zac, Billy, Troy, Ray, Brian, Nate P, Johnny P, Collin, Doug (G), Jake, Andy.
STANDBY: Derek, Nate G.
OUT: Mike M, Nathan L, TJ, Ross (G), Max, Brian, Brett, Dave K (G)

Game Rosters

logoTeam Dark logoTeam White
 Johnny P  Gene
 Troy  Julian
 Tyrell  Sean
 Brian  Nate P
 Jake  Zac
 Jason  Dan G
 Mark T  Collin
 Mark K  Ken
 John R  Rob S
 Andy  Ray
 Anthony (G)  Doug (G)


GAME RECAP (12/26): After 3 weeks of tie games, Dark team finally broke the status quo, upending the White team in a lopsided Friday night matinee. The unbalanced teams were surely to blame but the lackluster effort didn’t help either. Even so, the game had its exciting moments including when big bad Brett somehow managed to get the most mild-tempered skater on the ice fired up. Thanks to Dave’s brand new shiny GoPro, the play was video reviewed by the FNHL Dept. of Player Safety and Sean’s alleged stick checks were nowhere to be found. Looks like Brett has been watching too much Canadiens hockey. Monkey see, monkey do…monkey whine. Let the legendary commenting war commence!


5) Gene: He was clearly fighting through a painful injury all night but didn’t complain or let it stop him from finishing out the game. The new Gregory Campbell of FNHL.

4) Jason: Notching a few goals in his return from a hip injury, Jason was calm and poised which were qualities the rest of his team sorely lacked.

3) Brian: We all have one thing to thank Brett for and that’s for bringing in this kid. He’s an aggressive skater, moves the puck well and has good hockey sense.

2) Anthony: Forgot your Helmet? Forgot your skates? No problem. Anthony has you covered. He saved the day for 2 skaters. He also saved several surefire goals despite tweaking his knee early in the game.

1) Pat the Zamboni Guy: Cheers erupted when the horn sounded. No one deserves the top spot this week so it goes to the guy who cleaned up the mess left on the ice.