Acton Hockey 28 Nov 2014

Game ON! Very low numbers tonight. Starts at 9PM in Acton.

12 IN: Julian, Dan G, Nathan L, Sean H, Steve G, Nate P, Ken, Doug (G), Collin, Anthony (G), Bill L, Chad + 2 Friends, Vladimir.
MAYBE: Gene, Brett, Zac, Jim, Silas, Ron.
OUT: Tyrell, Dan H, Dave K (G), Troy, Ross (G), Brian, Jake, Sue, Mark T, Johnny P, Mike M, Mark K, Devin, Dave B, Jesse, Rob S, Derek, Ray, Brett, Zac, Gene, Jim, Silas, Ron.

Tentative Game Rosters

logoTeam Dark logoTeam White
 Ron (?)  Gene (?)
 Nathan L  Julian
 Vladimir  Ken
 Steve G  Sean H
 Bill L  Collin
 Chad  Dan G
 Chad Friend 1  Nate P
 Chad Friend 2
 Anthony (G)   Doug (G)

Last Week Recap: The Brett-less Dark Team experienced another tough loss Friday night. The untimely injury of Russian comrade Vlad from a puck strike to the head during warm ups and the absence of Ron’s leadership left a void too large to fill. Although Sean gave it his all, wheelin’ all night long, creating solid scoring opportunities for his team. Steve Graham made his debut with a noticeably impressive shot and Adam made a rare appearance contributing with 2 goals as well. It was also nice to see the Lackey Bros back in action. But the real story has been Team White’s consistent play despite the absence of it’s best player over the last several weeks. It’s safe to say, Geno’s beloved expressions on the ice have been sorely missed and the bench has been eerily quiet without him. All FNHLers wish Jarod the best and hope to see Gene again soon. Last and least, recognition is in order for Brett Driscoll, who is presented with the Legendary Absence Award, for being both the most active commenter and least active player in FNHL history. Brett spent the weekend relishing over his new award and the Canadiens’ victory over the Providence Bruins.