Acton Hockey Oct 31st

Game ON! Starts at 9PM in Acton.

Tip of The Week: A deeper knee bend on your glide skate = more power and better balance.


18 IN: Julian, Nathan L, Dave K (G), Andrew, Dan G, Tyrell, Sean H, Anthony (G), Troy, Nate P, Rob S, Mark K, Ken, Collin, Bill L, Nicholi, Vladimir, John R, Jim L, Silas, Zack, Jason, Tom M.
MAYBE: Gene.
OUT: Jesse, Brett D, Johnny P, Dan H, Mark T, Mike M, Max, Sue, Dave B, Jake, TJ, Dave B, Brian L, Billy K, Ron, Billy D.

Game Rosters

logoTeam Dark logoTeam White
 Jason  Julian
 Troy  Sean H
 Tyrell  Dan G
 John R  Collin
 Mark K Tom  Notorious Big Turd
 Nicholi Zack  Rob S Ken
 Vladimir  Jim
 Nate L  Silas
 Andrew  Bill L
 Dave K (G)  Anthony (G)