Friday Hockey 8/1 @ NESC

Game ON! Starts at 7:50PM @ NESC.

New England Sports Center
121 Donald Lynch Blvd
Marlborough, MA 01752
Tip of the week: The most overlooked feature to a stick is the blade lie (the angle of the shaft with respect to the ice). The lie usually ranges from 4 to 6. Higher lies are for more upright skaters while lower lies are for players who tend to lean over. To know if you have the right lie, look at the bottom of your stick: if most of the wear is on the heal, your lie too high. If most of the wear is on the toe, your lie is too low.
In: Julian, Gene, Dave K (G), Dan G, Sue P, Ken, Colin, Jesse, TJ, Johnny P, Dave B, Nate P, Anthony (G), Sean, Devin, Mark K, Jason.
Out: Brent, Mark K, Nate L, Jake, John R, Ron, Dave J, Derek, Bill, Geoff, Mike M, Andy L, Brett D, Ron S, Troy, Dan H, Tyrell, Brian, Mark T, Andre.

Game Rosters

logo Team Dark logo Team White
 Johnny P  Gene
 Dave B  Julian
 Jesse  Devin
 TJ  Mark K
 Sue  Ken
 Colin  Sean
 Dan G  Nate P
 Anthony (G)  Dave K (G)