Hockey 1/4…let’s see what 2013 brings

Hockey is a GO

First possible skate of 2013, let’s see what we can get….2012 ended with a decent skate, the dark team never gave up and made it pretty close.
In: Gene, Ron, Nate, Bill L, Brett, Sue, Vlad, Victor, Mark, Julian, Ray, Rob S, Nicholi, Jeff, John P, John R, Dave J, Dave (g), Rob (g)
Out: Anthony, Dave B, Ken, Jesse, Steve, TJ

Game Rosters

logoTeam Dark logoTeam White
Ron ? Jeff Gene
Bill L Julian
John P Nicholi
Brett Rob S
Vladimir Ray
Nathan Dave J
Sue Ken
John R Mark
Eric Victor
Jared Ron ?
Dave (G) Rob D (G)


Game stats

Game Stats- White 3 Dark 4

Obs Player Team G A PTS
1 Gene N White 1 0 1
2 Julian A White 1 1 2
3 Nicholi White 0 0 0
4 Ron L White 0 1 1
5 Rob S White 0 0 0
6 Ray White 0 0 0
7 Dave J White 1 0 1
8 Mark White 0 0 0
9 Victor White 0 0 0
10 Eric F Dark 3 0 3
11 Bill L Dark 0 1 1
12 Brett Dark 0 2 2
13 Sue Dark 1 0 1
14 Jared Dark 0 0 0
15 Jeff Dark 0 0 0
16 Vladimir Dark 0 0 0
17 Nathan Dark 0 0 0
18 John R Dark 0 0 0
19 John P Dark 0 0 0
Obs Player Team GA SOG GAA
1 Dave K White 3 44
2 Rob D White 4

Game Summary

Wow what an awesome game that was. There were alot of comments after the game about how fun it was. The teams were matched up pretty well and the goalies played outstanding. A couple people asked, “has there ever been a game this low scoring and so close?”, I couldn’t remember any.

The white team notched the first goal by Julian on what he called a fluttering wrist shot. That first goal wasn’t scored until about 15 minutes into the contest. The dark team eventually broke through with the tying goal and followed that with the go ahead goal. They would never give up the lead. The white team made it 4-3 towards the end, they had a couple chances, but the dark team D had things locked down pretty good.

Gotta give props to white team D too, including Rob D the goalie, Eric could of taken the game completely over, but was stopped on a number of occasions. Despite their best effort Eric still was able to net a hat trick to lead all scorers.

What a fantastic start to 2013. Lets keep it going for the rest of the winter.