Hockey 8/31

Hockey is a Go

Since I’m not going to be there I’m not making up the teams. Tell me the line up Geno and I’ll update the rosters

Hockey this week is the final 8:00PM start time. Let’s finish the summer on a high note

As an FYI, maybes are not counted when it comes time to call the game on or off.

The following players are in: Gene, TJ, Nathan, Vladimir, Billy D, Bill D friend, Julian, Ken, Victor, Jeff, Dave J, John R, Ray, Anthony (G), Alexei (g)
Maybe: Brett, Rob D, Mark, Sue, Bill L
The following players are out: Ron, Dave K (G), Rob S, Jack, Steve, Johnny P, Jesse, Dave B

Game Rosters

logoTeam Dark logoTeam White
Billy D Gene
Billy’s Bear Julian
TJ Dave J
John R Ray
Jeff Ken
Vladimir Nathan
G Alexei G Anthony