Ice Hockey 6/1

Alright GAME ON 5 on 5 it is.

Update 6/1:

We’re close but still need at least 1 2 more skater to play tonight.

Update 5/31: Don’t know where everyone is, as of 9:00AM this list is upto date. If people don’t respond soon we’ll have to cancel this week.

Another week of hockey coming up.


The following players are in so far: Gene, Ron, Julian, Rob S, Johnny P, Jeff, Sue, (g) Anthony, Vladimir, Nicholi, Ken, Bill L, (g) Ross John R

Game Rosters

logoTeam Dark logoTeam White
Ron Gene
Johnny P John R Julian
Sue Ken
Bill L Nicholi
Vladimir Rob S
G Anthony G Ross Johnny P


The following players are out: Dave J, TJ, Mark K, Dave K, Steve C, Jesse, Jack, Brett