The Bourne Recap for 3/28/10

With the ice looking something like the lunar surface, the game at Bourne took place as usual on Sunday, with Bobby backing up the Dark Team against Jonathan and the Kinda’ Not Dark Team.

This game also marked the return of Billy, who legend has it, used to play at Bourne before he became a househusband. Brett made his Cape Cod debut with the best hockey helmet in the known universe. [Brett, e-mail me some pictures of it to post.]

Brett had a tough night. He got body checked so hard that he had an “accident”. If that wasn’t bad enough, when he finally got up, he was so disoriented that he called for a pass back in his own zone and scored on his own net. When he finally realized both the soiling and the goal that he scored for the other team, he kept pretending it was nothing, saying, “I don’t care, I don’t care.” He was making one of those crooked smiles that could only be formed by the conflict of facial muscles trying to grin while trying not to cry. He skated back to the bench with a beaming smile and tears streaming down his face all the while saying “Good game!” to everyone of his teammates hoping that they would say it back to him. No one did.*

Bobby had some rough moments and allowed six or seven goals, but the night belonged to Jonathan. An early goal by Mike Boisvert that hit Jonathan’s glove than went in, quickly removed his shutout bid. But he was perfect after that, earning what I can imagine was the first one goal performance in our half-decade-or-so history. What’s also to be considered is that Jonathan had to face both John and Dan on a night where that puck was bouncing often and everywhere.

*that entire paragraph about Brett is false, none of that happened.


1a) JOHN – John played both offense and defense again. He did not have his best game but was clearly his team’s MVP of the night.

1b) JONATHAN – Jonathan owned the game last night, posting his best performance ever and probably one of the best, or the best goaltending performance we have ever seen at Gallo. Definitely that most valuable player, skater or goalie, out there that night.

3) DAN – Dan, like John, played well, but did not have his best game. He also had the disadvantage of facing Jonathan.

4) MIKE N. – Mike brought his usual strong style of play. I said it last week. I’ll say it again.

5) BILLY – Billy is so very good that, despite his long absence, he gets a modest, 5th place nod.