Acton Hockey 2/26/10

Game On.

I think the final rosters are set. There could be another tweak, especially if I get some last minute calls of guys wanting to play or cancel.

Note: Bob C’s status has changed from Out to Probable, so Sue will move to White team. If Bob can’t go, Red team can skate with 9 players.

Game Preview

Friday night’s game in Action is shaping up to be an interesting one with the debut of the yet to be named Red team. The Red team will feature all of that weeks Alternates with a mix of regulars. So far it looks like there will be 4 alternates, maybe 5.

Game Rosters

Logo  Red Team logoWhite Team
Eric F Gene N
Billy D Scott F
Jared M Nate G
Jimmy N TJ D
Mark T Mark K
Dave L Devin K
Ray B Dave J
Jesse G Jack B
Ken A Jeff M
Dave B Sue P
(G) Dave K (G) Mark N


Game Stats

Obs Player Team POS G A PTS
1 Scott F White C 4 3 7
2 Dave B Dark C 2 2 4
3 Eric F Dark C 1 3 4
4 Jesse G Dark RW 1 3 4
5 Jimmy N Dark LW 3 1 4
6 Jared M Dark LW 2 1 3
7 Devin K White RW 2 0 2
8 Mark T Dark RW 2 0 2
9 Gene N White C 0 1 1
10 Nate G White LW 1 0 1
11 TJ D White LW 0 1 1
12 Billy D Dark D 0 0 0
13 Dave J White D 0 0 0
14 Dave L Dark D 0 0 0
15 Jack B White D 0 0 0
16 Ken A Dark D 0 0 0
17 Mark K White D 0 0 0
18 Ray B Dark D 0 0 0
19 Ron L White D 0 0 0
20 Sue P White RW 0 0 0
Obs Player Team POS GA SA Sv%
1 Dave K Dark G 7  
2 Mark N White G 11

Game Summary

The Friday night game featured the debut of the Red team. They started a little shaky, but found their grove and poured it on. In the end they had the commanding win by a score of 11-7.

It wasn’t supposed to play out like that said one scout, who took in the game action. The Steel Hounds had more than enough fire power but simply couldn’t execute, with the exception of Scott F. He was dynamite in his second game back, however, he still needs to get his wind back because he didn’t skate as hard as usual.

For the Red team there were not 3 but 4 stars. Dave B, Eric, Jesse and Jimmy all had 4 points on the night. And what’s this I see on the Stat sheet… Eric had more assists than goals. Way to go on that feat.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how Ron was a non factor with 0 points on the night. He was actually worse because he turned the puck over several times, a couple of them leading to goals. In addition, he was way out of position while playing D and let his guy score some easy goals. An off week to say the least. Oh well at least he scored with his player bio 🙂

So next week the Red team is back to take on the Steel Heads. It will be another interesting game, but of course the outcome remains to be seen.